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Basic Martial arts Character development Program in Glendale & Surprise

This character building program focuses on changing the behavior of the student inside and outside our Academy. As we transform lives through the venue of martial arts parents will see a remarkable increase in their child's focus, discipline and self-confidence as their child progresses through the beginner level of the martial arts.

Our Basic Program is broken up into three age groups; ages 6-7; ages 8-12; teens & adults. This allows us to specifically design our classes using age appropriate skills and activities. The younger aged students do not get frustrated because they cannot keep up with the older kids; the teens and adults can be pushed much harder to meet their emotional and fitness needs without being held back because of the younger students.  No one is distracted by classes that are either too easy to accommodate younger students, or, too hard to accommodate the older students. Your child will feel more comfortable and better able to achieve excellence as they work within their own capability. This is what makes us different and separates us from other schools or programs that have one class with mixed ages ranging from 4-13.


Our classes are specifically designed to build our student’s confidence and self-esteem. We do this through martial arts skills and by encouraging and recognizing academic achievements. From the beginning we instill in our students that they are better than average and reward them for accomplishing academic excellence outside our academy.  Because we teach all students to “strive for black belt excellence” we have a rewards system for anyone who brings in a report card showing grades higher than a C. This builds confidence in our students as they are recognized in front of their fellow martial artists. We also partner with the school system and parents prior to belt testing to monitor the student's behavior inside the school classroom as well as at home. Why do we do this? So that we can achieve long-term lasting results both inside and outside our Academy. We have the awesome responsibility of influencing lives and to empower our students to be successful in all they set out to accomplish. We truly want them to be the best they can be.

Life lessons are intertwined in everything we do. One important lesson is goal-setting. From the very first private lesson we begin coaching our students on how to set goals through our belt ranking system. Once the goal is “set” (earning a white belt), students begin earning various stripes between belt levels. These are the “action steps” taken by our students to help them achieve their new belt goals.  Once they have tested for the new belt, their short-term goal is “accomplished”. At this point, we “reset” the goal and move on to earning the next belt. Training for these tests enhances our student's ability to concentrate and is an excellent reinforcement of study habits for school. 

Outside our Academy, students take action and learn by doing. Emphasis is on Respect and Teamwork so our student's first mission is to log 50 acts of respect, courtesy and kindness in their "Respect Journal". Because teamwork starts in the home, our student's second mission is to complete 50 home chores (without being told—our “zero rule”) and log them into their "Teamwork Journal". Upon completion of these journals, the student is awarded (in front of their fellow martial artists) with their first two badges--in a series of six. Thus, we are building each student’s confidence and self-esteem by recognizing their accomplishment in front of everyone.

Another skill that is reinforced is discipline—it takes discipline to be able to stand still in line at attention stance without moving; to be able to stay focused on what your instructor is teaching without talking; getting to class on time; and being a first time listener at home with mom & dad. These are just a few ways we work on this valuable skill.

Various protocols are used in class to reinforce many life skills such as “respect”. From bowing at the door and on and off the mat, responding with an enthusiastic “yes sir”, and publicly rewarding students who have performed their 50 acts of kindness, are just a few of the tools we use to achieve positive results from our students.

The movements of Tae Kwon Do develop coordination and motor skills, increases strength and flexibility--all which will make our students much better at whatever sport they choose to get involved in.

This academy goes way beyond just teaching kicking and punching. Are you ready to take that all important step of investing in the future of your child?


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