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Black Belt Martial Arts Club Program in Glendale & Surprise

At some point in our student’s journey, they (and their parent’s) decide that they want to take their training to the next level and pursue earning their black belt.  Our Black Belt Program signifies this important step in their martial arts journey and opens up an entirely different experience in their training. This program is a “Commitment to Excellence” and a “Commitment to earning a Black Belt”.   A different uniform separates these students from the Basic Training Program to publicly identify and honor this commitment.

Students are nominated into this program by our instructors who are looking for students who are displaying great attitudes in class, who believe they can do whatever they put their minds to, who are attending class twice weekly (commitment), who have a desire to do their best, who are showing enthusiasm (loud responses) and who are practicing respect inside and outside our Academy. They must earn their nomination—it is not just given.

Special theme classes are introduced in the Black Belt Club Program which includes mixed martial arts training of basic jujitsu (ground self-defense), sparring (street self-defense), board breaking (confidence builder) and basic weapons training of nunchakus and bo staff (focus, co-ordination, right/left brain-using both hands at once, dexterity, etc).

The longer our students continue to train the more value our parents receive. Parent's continually tell us that they see an increased focus and concentration at home and at school, better grades in school, and more confidence and self-discipline within their children. As always, some students improve more quickly than others. However, our parents have learned that the longer they continue in our programs the more benefits are recieved and are carried forward in their children's lives.

It is our goal to help every student earn their black belt. We make this long-term goal a reality by showing them how to reach the “big” goal by breaking it down into smaller goals; earning one belt at a time. We also emphasize that any goal will be reached as long as you do not quit. This valuable life lesson in perseverance will be carried forth and used for the rest of their lives to accomplish whatever future goals they set.

As the student continues their martial arts training at the intermediate to advanced level, character building is continued inside the Academy by reinforcing an attitude of "Black Belt Excellence". Character-building continues outside the academy by leading the students on a journey of powerful and positive action! Journals 3, 4, 5 and 6 introduce Perseverance, Self-Discipline, Knowledge and Leadership. Along the way students learn life-lessons about goal setting, wisdom, journaling, mentoring and the awesome power of taking action on ideas.

In addition, our Black Belt Club Program includes Leadership Training which is conducted through our Special Winning Attitude Team meetings (S.W.A.T.) held bi-monthly on Saturday mornings.  Students are taught success principles to enable them to think and act beyond "average" and to strive for a life of "excellence". Role-playing, group interaction, note-taking and assignments are all part of this valuable program for improving one's self-confidence. Sample topics include, Believe you can succeed and you will, Build confidence and destroy fear, You are what you think you are, and How to think like a leader.


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