Glendale Martial Arts

Master's Club Martial arts & karate Program in Glendale & Surprise

This ELITE level of training is for the martial artist who wants to take their training to the highest level. Students participate in a variety of programs that feature the XMATM - Xtreme Martial Arts, Kicks & Tricks, Weapons (Sword, Kamas, Bo, Nunchakus, Escrimas). This Program will help increase their Performance, Speed, Power, Intensity, Stamina and Self-Confidence!

Students in the Master's Club are distinguished by their black uniforms for regular classes and by their XMA uniforms on Friday nights in the Tricks and Kicks class.

Many of our students in the Master's Club also try out for the Team Thunder Demo Team where they put to use many of the skills learned in the Master's Club advanced training program.



Glendale Karate FREE class

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