Here’s what you can expect:

Temperature checks upon entry.

Disinfectant: We have always used a hospital grade disinfectant. This will be applied to our benches, counter-tops, pony wall and mats after every class.

Hand Sanitizer: A station is at the entrance to our school and at the exit of the mat. Bottles are placed around the academy for immediate access. Two separate bathrooms are available for hand washing.

Social Distancing Protocol: Staying 6’ away from others as a normal practice. We have eliminated contact with others such as handshakes and high fives. Avoid anyone who appears to be sick. Children, parents and staff must stay home when sick.

Social Distancing during Class Changes: Classes have a 10 minute gap to allow for one class to leave and for employees to perform disinfectant protocol before the start of the next class begins to arrive.

Helpful tips during the transition of classes:

  • Avoid gathering when entering and exiting the school.
  • We encourage students to stay in your car if you have arrived early until the previous class has exited.
  • Stay 3’ to 6’ space between each person while entering the school or waiting to check in.
  • Do not touch your face before you have had a chance to wash or disinfect your hands.
  • Parents/siblings: if you decide to stay and watch, follow the blue dot spacing on the benches, or run an errand during class to minimize the amount of people in our academy.
  • Face masks and face coverings are welcome to be used by parents/siblings waiting inside the academy. Please provide your own.

Temporary Class Schedule: Please review this carefully for changes from the original schedule. Check your email or pick one up at the academy.

Zoom Classes: Virtual classes will continue with some classes along with the live temporary class schedule for those students who are still unable to make it to class.We see this as a positive. Now when students cannot make it to class due to transportation issues they can still participate from home. Check the schedule for ID/pass codes on the new temporary schedule. (The old Zoom schedule will no longer be in effect as of May 16, 2020).

Class Sizes: We do not anticipate classes will have any more than 10 students per class. However, if this number grows, we will ask parents to shift to a different class time to even out the numbers. Student participation in class means you are accepting the risk of potential proximity to other students, staff and parents in the studio.

White dots on the mat are 6’ wide and 6.5’ deep and have always been this distance with the exception of our Lil’ Dragons who will now conform to these guidelines.

It was great seeing everyone back in class training with a newly charged electricity in the air!

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