Kuk Sa Nim Michael Tippett | Arrowhead Martial Arts

Kuk Sa Nim Michael Tippett

8th Degree Black Belt

Kuk Sa Nim Michael Tippett was drawn to the martial arts through a life-changing event. At the age of 23, loud yelling outside of his apartment awakened him. He witnessed two men fighting over a baby with knives in their hands. When he tried to intervene, an attacker swiped at him with the knife. He realized then that he did not have the tools to protect himself, much less the baby or his family. This experience frightened him into taking action. He began taking Tae Kwon Do lessons.

He continued to improve and test himself at numerous tournaments. After several successful years of winning tournaments, he began training at the same boxing gym as WBA champion Louis Espinoza. He valued the tips given by Louis and was coached by professional boxer Pat Anderson for 1 ½ years. During this time he earned the title of PKA AZ State Amateur Heavyweight Champion (1982).

As his passion for the martial arts grew, so did his desire to share his knowledge with others. On March 8, 1995, he founded Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy in Glendale, AZ. He is a gifted instructor with over 40 years experience and enjoys mentoring his students in areas of respect, teamwork, perseverance, self-discipline, leadership and knowledge. So much so, that he implemented an innovative character development program that is designed to change the behavior of his students outside the academy. “Along the way students learn life-lessons about goal setting, wisdom, journaling, mentoring and the awesome power of taking action on ideas,” says Kuk Sa Nim Tippett.

For over 10 years Kuk Sa Nim Tippett trained under Tae Kwon Do’s legendary Grandmaster Hee IL Cho, and to this day is heavily influenced by Grandmaster Cho’s style. “My respect for Grandmaster Cho is of the highest distinction. He has helped me become the instructor and martial artist that I am today, and I thank God for having the honor and opportunity to be called his student.”


Kuk Sa Nim Tippett is married to Kwan Jang Nim Lisa Tippett, a 6th Degree Balck Belt; they have six children and five grandchildren.