July Character Development Theme: Organization

Dear parents and/or guardians…


It’s time for the value everyone wishes their child had – organization! You probably coax your child to clean their
room or help put away dishes. Few people – and fewer children – enjoy these activities. The key to successfully instilling
organization as a value is explaining the value of the aftermath rather than cleaning for the sake of cleaning.


  • Have your children write a list of their least-favorite chores that relate to organization. Then, have them write down a list of the benefits that come with the completion of this chore (help them if you have to). Explain to them that each time they complete this chore, they are ensuring these benefits.
  • When possible, turn tasks and cleaning into a game.
  • Set aside a weekly time for cleaning (this incorporates organization into your schedules as well)! Rather than making one child feel like they are “missing out” by having to clean their room, this will allow them to participate in a family event. It also reinforces the importance of organization for everyone.


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