July Character Development Theme: Forgiveness

Dear parents and/or guardians…

Forgiveness Is When Someone Hurts You, And You Still Choose To Say, “It’s Okay; I Will Be Okay And I Forgive You.”

This month, we are learning about forgiveness. This can be a difficult value for young children to learn, especially while their emotional intelligence is still developing. It is important to keep three key points in mind as your children learn forgiveness:

  1. Forgiveness is not conditional (“I’ll only forgive you if you do my chores for a week!”).
  2. Someone does not have to ask for an apology in order to be forgiven – you can forgive someone internally, for your own peace, even if you will never see them again.
  3. Forgiveness helps us emotionally as much or more as it does the person we forgive.


  • When your child is mad about something, have him or her write that thing down on a piece of paper, say, “I forgive you,” to the person they are mad at, then tear the paper up.
    • Forgive your children for their mistakes. Take disciplinary action as needed, but after the punishment is complete, do not continue to mention the mistake.
    • Apologize to them when you make mistakes.

    NOTE: Forgiveness does not mean letting the same person hurt us again and again. If you or your child are dealing with a situation in your lives where the risk of being hurt is too great if you continue to associate with a certain person, explain that it is possible to forgive someone for a serious wrongdoing without letting them back into your life in the same capacity as before, or at all.



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