October Character Development Theme: Decisions

Dear parents and/or guardians…


This month, we are learning about the importance of Decisions. Our on-the-mat discussions will focus on both the critical thinking skills required to make good decisions and the consequences of our decisions – good or bad – for ourselves and others. Children need to learn the importance of decision making, as they will only face more and more difficult and important decisions as they grow up.


  • Help your children develop critical thinking skills. If you catch them misbehaving or about to misbehave, turn it into a conversation exploring the consequences of poor decision making.
  • Example: Parent: Were you about to practice kicking in the living room?

Child: Maybe… I’m sorry.

Parent: It’s great that you want to practice, but you know you need to go outside. What might happen if you kicked inside?

Child: You tell me that I might knock over the lamp.

Parent: And what would happen if you did that?

Child: I would break it.

Parent: And you would have to buy a new lamp with your allowance money. And in the meantime, the living room would be too dark for us to read in. Also, I would be hurt that you had not listened to me.

Child: I’m sorry. I’ll go practice outside.

Parent: Good decision!


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